Reviews 10

It was perfect freight broker training and I understood the process very well. I already had some experience in the transportation industry. I worked at the warehouse and dealt with a lot of truck drivers. So I knew a little bit about the industry, but wanted to advance further in my work and possibly start …

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Reviews 9

The content in this course is very valuable. I have learned lot of new things about freight brokering. This course is very user friendly. Details and examples given by instructor in the Extended version are very helpful to understand this course. I would highly recommend this freight broker training to anyone interested in this industry. …

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Reviews 8

As a wife of an owner operator, I am getting ready to grow our business and getting my freight broker license. LearnFreight team provided great and insightful presentation and material to download. If there was a question, LearnFreight Team provided help. The marketing sections helped me see things from a different angle. Thanks!  5/5 …

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Reviews 7

Excellent course that every person interested in becoming a freight broker must get. It answers all your questions and it gives you options for different type of situation involved in this business. It will expand your knowledge about how freight brokering works.  5/5 Gerald W Norton Brookland, CA

Reviews 6

I would recommend LearnFreight to anybody looking to become a freight broker. The information that is provided is very in-depth and easy to follow. The instructor was very helpful when it came time to break down certain lessons. They cover every aspect of the business, and they also offer assistance after completion of the course. …

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Reviews 5

As a former educator I am very familiar with online classes. I really liked this training. It was a lot of information, but each video was short and right to the point. It was so easy to watch, and the 2-person approach helps to completely cover each topic. This is a great course about freight …

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Reviews 4

I must say with all honesty that I absolutely love and appreciate this well put together course. I searched thoroughly for freight broker courses, however, some were extremely expensive and others were too cheap (which was suspicious). I’m glad I found you! I am very happy with Learn Freight’s course and I’ve referred several people …

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Reviews 3

Best course if you are looking to learn about freight brokering and transportation industry. The way instructors explained everything in the course is amazing. I recommend buying the EXTENDED version because you literally have someone explaining everything after every lesson. They provide you with a lot of resources and tips. If you are new to …

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Reviews 2

Actually I had no idea brokering loads was so involved and I got much more information than I expected. The presentation was very clear and detailed and as a newbie, I feel more confident to step into the transportation world. It’s a plus that their support team is available for any concerns I might encounter. …

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Reviews 1

This is a well-designed course. It starts out basic, which it should, and works its way up to advanced stuff. I was also able to use it over multiple platforms and multiple devices as I work with several throughout the week. And I like the fact that I can go back and look at any …

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